The maximum expression of going to sea, contact with nature and confrontation with oneself.

Each service associated, for the most passionate, with the sailing course.

Cruises and day trips

Every life experience, to be better understood, requires time and a guide...


The privacy of the honeymoon, the intensity of the sea and the desire to explore, all contained in a single service.

Private Events

The best way to carve out moments of relaxation in privacy in your daily life.

Nautical Services

An option intended for companies and organizations looking for refined luxury yachts to give their work a touch of magic.

Regattas and sailing crossings

Participating in a regatta and sailing crossing, activities for those who demand strong emotions, experts and neophytes of the sea.


Rare events in which you enter into complete symbiosis with the sea. Water, wind, sun, perfumes and the magic of marine animals are concentrated in something indefinable.