The privacy of the honeymoon, the intensity of the sea and the desire to explore, all contained in a single service.


Experience the love that sails on the waves. Your dream wedding comes to life on Fenicia.

Welcome aboard our Sail Yacht "Fenicia", where timeless elegance blends with the magic of extraordinary places. Are you ready to live a unique experience with a styled wedding shooting? Let yourself be carried away by the pristine beauty of the sea and the freedom to choose your perfect setting. Whatever destination you desire, our team of professionals will take you on an exciting journey. Create unforgettable memories and capture the love in every picture. Are you ready to sail the waves towards your dream wedding?

Fenicia Cruise took part in the "Deep Blue" project, an inspiration for those who dream of getting married and spending an exclusive honeymoon aboard our fantastic yacht. Our large team of industry professionals will make your event unique and indelible.

This particular service also allows you to organize a wedding or anniversary cruise, with particular flexibility in routes and times. In collaboration with our team, you will be able to create your dream trip to Phenicia which will be completely reserved for you, enjoying impeccable service. The exclusivity of this service consists in the possibility of organizing every detail with the customers. Only in this way will you have the possibility to create an experience that will become unique and inimitable for you. You will be able to store in your album of memories, photographs of moments that no one else could have done in the same way. For our part, the guarantee of making you live an experience worthy of the singularity of the event.