Who we are

Freedom is like air, you realize what it's worth when it begins to disappear.

Fenicia Cruise s.r.l

Fenicia Cruise s.r.l

The Fenicia Cruise company was founded in 2021 as a project conceived by the founding partners. A strong bond with the sea, experience in navigation, love for nature and the desire to share this has made this passion something achievable. The founding partners were born and raised in coastal locations, and have established a symbiosis with the marine habitat which over time has become an integral part of their life. Over the years, significant experiences in excursion and yacht charter that have brought us closer to the public, giving us the opportunity to understand the needs of our clients and to select their most particular desires, sometimes collaborating with many of the most renowned accommodation facilities in our area.

In a historical period that has changed the world and in which events where people touch have risked affecting the intimacy in of each of us, we have chosen to give an important change to things by promoting a service that can restore the desire to share, of communication and essentiality but also of harmony, serenity and inner peace to our passengers, first of all taking care of one's own self and confidentiality.

Our goals

Inspired by the quote of the well-known Piero Calamandrei, Fenicia Cruise chooses as the fulcrum of her cruise itinerary principles such as safety, freedom, respect for nature, serenity and harmony.

When going in search of a vacation by sea, we do it to find an inner balance that everyday life in her frenzy manages to alter. The perfect combination of good nutrition, relaxation, sea, sun, wind and a good dose of personal attention, are the fundamental ingredients that our crew is committed to enhancing on board our boat, to give back to each guest what the long season working has taken away.

Your holiday will begin the moment you disembark at the airport by receiving our first welcome. The Fenicia Cruise shuttle will welcome you at the exit of the airport terminal closest to the place of departure of the chosen cruise, then we will take you aboard the Fenicia boat. There you will be greeted by your crew, who will be very attentive to you from the very first moment. From that moment on you will enter a healthy condition for the body and the mind. Nature will be the master: the sun and the sea will be a free medicine that will regenerate you moment by moment. Immediately you will be captured by the magic of sailing, a moment in which every natural element will bind to create a perfect harmony: sea, wind, colors, scents and sounds will create inner vibrations that you will receive as a deep relaxation.

Various destinations to choose from will be at your disposal. For the duration of the experience, you will have the opportunity to approach sailing, staying in contact with marine fauna and visiting the most beautiful coastal areas. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious food in renowned local structures on land, visit famous archaeological and natural sites and much more. In each of our cruises we have selected uncommon destinations, of such exclusive beauty and cultural interest that they are for the most part included in the list of sites protected by UNESCO and therefore considered a World Heritage Site.

Our goal is to carve out unforgettable moments in the lives of our guests. We want to create an excellent relationship of mutual respect, transfer to you the love for nature, reinforce the importance of strengthening its bonds and enjoying the pleasure of being part of it. A strong sense of being welcome, which is essential our territorial identity, will be what we would most love to give you. Our satisfaction will be that when we say goodbye at the end of the cruise, we will find on your faces the immediate nostalgia for what you have just experienced, and certainly with the hope of having you back on board soon.



A good holiday is defined as such that when you return from a journey regenerated by daily efforts, full of positive energy, enthusiasm and in complete health.

Our peculiarity therefore, is your comfort and your safety. Each travel program is carefully planned respecting the legal rules that define the activity at sea, as well as the physical characteristics of the coast, the evolution of the weather and sea conditions that will welcome us.

Fenicia, is equipped with all safety equipment defined in the Navigation Code, taking into account the activity it will carry out. You will also be welcomed on board by a crew which is duly trained in all emergency conditions according to the regulations in force.

For us, safety also means your well-being, therefore you will be immediately welcomed on board with professionalism and pampered in every need.

The "All Inclusive" service that we offer will ensure that you do not have to worry about any organization but can express what you want most. During the holiday we will offer on board a diet with attention to detail and taking into account the food needs of each guest.

Our boat is equipped with insurance coverage that covers any type of emergency on board, according to current legislation.

The Fenicia Cruise is committed to respecting the COVID-19 protection protocol through the use of the most advanced medical protocols (rapid unsanitary swab / PCR). The goal is to allow you to enjoy your stay on board in maximum safety. We have digital thermometers for monitoring the body temperature of the people on board.

In all areas of the boat, all the necessary measures are taken to ensure a "sterile" and healthy environment, with the positioning of hand sanitation systems and the supply of disposable surgical masks.

The linen in the cabins and toilets will be replaced every three days for washing and sanitation. The boat will be constantly ventilated thanks to the countless hatches the hull is equipped with.

The Fenicia crew is also trained to maintain high standards of hygiene and sanitation in the areas reserved for them, and to undergo rapid anti-hygiene and molecular tests before each cruise.

Atmosphere and comfort

Atmosphere and comfort

The Fenicia Cruise puts itself at the customer's disposal, looking for special destinations of uncommon beauty. The atmosphere of the mid-seasons, the warmth of summer and the privacy of the mild Mediterranean winters, have facilitated us in promoting our service throughout the year. In each of them nature expresses itself in a unique way, giving evocative scenarios rich in colors and scents. Each place takes on a more beautiful aspect over time, which is something you are sure to remember. Harmonious scenarios and moments of meditation are what we want to offer you in your discovery of the Mediterranean. The intense blue of the deep sea and the emerald green of the coves, together with the Mediterranean vegetation and the lighter colours of the granite cliffs, will give the impression of opening the doors to a surreal paradise.

The "All Inclusive" service that we offer is suitable for all types of customers and we will ensure that you do not have to worry about organizing anything but can express what you want most.
During the holiday we will offer a diet, paying attention to all details, while on board and you will have the opportunity to disembark in predefined destinations to visit landscapes and local sights in each territory, have naturalistic and archaeological visits and excursions, and finally taste delicious dishes in the best accommodation facilities that we will select for you.