Regattas and sailing crossings

Participating in a regatta and sailing crossing, activities for those who demand strong emotions, experts and neophytes of the sea.

Regattas and sailing crossings

Fenicia Cruise offers this particular service to all those who love going to sea and working as part of a team. Both regattas and sailing are activities in which teamwork becomes fundamental.

In sailing there is no competition, instead you go to sea in the company of other boats with crews who, like us, love this natural environment that can give strong emotions. It is a fair compromise for those who do not have great experience in managing a sailing boat but want to get involved.

The regattas, on the other hand, are an activity in which a lot of adrenaline is created and in which one's work defines the behavior of the boat and with a large margin, also the outcome of the competition.

Both contain a particular healthy environment, of celebration, friendship and respect for others and for themselves. We love to define them as "a game for adults". You receive a very positive vibration from the marine environment and learn to take care of this splendid natural element.

Among the most famous regattas in which we have participated to date are:

- The Nora Cup 2022

- The Sardinia Race 2022

- Cagliari - Carloforte 2022

- The San Pietro Cup 2022

- The Teuladata Cup 2022

But the list is constantly updated!

Have fun and good wind to all sailing friends.